Using Exercise to Minimise Hemorrhoids

Published: 28th January 2011
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Now this is definitely one of our frequently asked questions associated with hemorrhoids. Is it advisable to exercise if you suffer from piles?

The simple answer is: Definitely! The lengthier answer is: You ought to choose your exercise depending on your symptoms and signs.

In this posting I am going to pass on many of my own experiences with exercise and piles.

To begin with, letís discuss the science of hemorrhoids. You have veins supplied by arteries all over your whole body. Frequent exercise helps the transmission of oxygen and nurtrients to these veins. You are getting the circulation pumping any time you exercise! By exercising you are making the bits near your rear to be far healthier. This must be great for piles yes?

So if exercise is great for hemorrhoids then we should always do as much of all kinds of exercise as much as possible? No, this isnít normally true. In my experience (and bear in mind this may be different for you) it is better to work on exercises that do not compel you to strain too much. This indicates that exercise like swimming, riding a bicycle or perhaps even just going for a walk are all great for keeping hemorrhoids at bay.

So that would mean no dumbbells at the gym? I am just speaking from my individual experience here but it doesnít necessarily mean no weight training. Following an examination by my physician (prior to a colonoscopy) I was told that my hemorrhoids were fairly prominant. He inquired about my lifestyle and I informed him that I live a generally well-balanced lifestyle (with a sensible daily diet) and that I enjoy weight lifting. This last bit raised some eyebrows. I was urged to stop lifting heavy weights as they may well worsen the piles a lot more.

This was a worry. I have a passion for lifting. And as I discussed, the added blood circulation does have several positive effects. So I figured I would look for the professional advice of a fitness trainer at my local weight room. Right after discussing the dilemma with him, we realised that we needed to reduce the workouts that were placing the most pressure on my frame. Specifically: Deadlift presses presses and other leg exercises. (Note: A squat press is one of the standard leg exercises of weight training where you put the barbell on your shoulders and basically squat down).

Yet if we stopped weight-based lower body exercises what do we replace it with? (I like a complete body exercise routine). The answer for me personally: kettlebells. Kettlebell exercises continue to enable me to exercise my lower limbs yet because it consists of a little more endurance-dependent exercise it doesnít cause the pressure that worsens the hemorrhoids. On top of that they provide an ideal mixture of aerobic, strength and flexibility. Great for hemorrhoids!

Revisiting the surgeon

I returned to meet the surgeon. And I am happy I did because he validated that the new workouts genuinely did improve matters. Of the piles that he had noticed, one had reduced considerably. The other hemorrhoids were considerably smaller!

General tips about exercise and hemorrhoids

The most important point to try to remember is that, even if you donít feel like it, you should make an effort to keep on being lively. I donít necessarily mean that you should be going to the gym seven days a week or taking part in marathons. But you really should endeavor to go walking, jog, ride a bike or do anything because it will help.

And you also probably donít want to learn this advice but you must also aim to take strolls even during an episode of hemorrhoids. Regardless of whether staying still seems to be the smartest thing to do. It isnít. Getting that blood coursing will enable you to get better more rapidly!

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